How often should I go to the dentist?

The frequency at which it is necessary to go to the dentist depends on your personal health. As a general rule, people should see their dentist every 6 months....

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The role of a dental assistant

What is a dental assistant? A dental assistant is a dental health professional who works collaboratively and under the supervision of a dentist. The dental assistant works with patients by performing tasks before and after the...


Coloring contest

Spring Break is upon us, and we’re kicking it off with a coloring contest! Participants will have a chance to win a gift certificate to the movies! [vc_separator type='transparent' position='center' color='' thickness='' up='' down=''] To enter it’s easy! [vc_separator...


Fourth fundraising for Leucan Montérégie (2019)

It is with great pleasure to announce that for a fourth consecutive year, the Centre de santé dentaire Dr. Thu Nguyen will hold a fundraiser for Leucan Montérégie from January 28th to February 15th. The clinic will...


What happens during a dental cleaning?

After many years of repeated visits to the dentist, you may have wondered what actually happens during a dental cleaning. You might know that the dental hygienist takes care of cleaning your teeth, followed by...

Dents sensibles

5 astuces pour remédier aux dents sensibles

Des douleurs dentaires lorsque vous buvez une boisson chaude ou un thé glacé? Voici quelques astuces pour remédier à ces sensations désagréables! 1. Choisissez adéquatement vos produits pour vos soins dentaires Nombreux sont les Canadiens à souffrir...


Everything you need to know about sleep apnea

More than 859,000 Canadians over 18 years of age suffer from sleep apnea. But what exactly is sleep apnea? In this article, we will explore its causes, symptoms, risks and potential treatments. What is sleep apnea? Obstructive...


What to do after dental surgery

Oral surgery is known to cause bleeding, but it’s also common to feel discomfort or pain when the anesthesia wears off. Here are a few tips from our clinic to help you deal with post-op...