Dr. Thu Nguyen, general dentist

Dr. Thu Nguyen, general dentist

From an early age, Dr. Nguyen wanted to become a dentist. 

Having fairly severe misalignment, she was fascinated by what dental care could improve physically but also socially.

She then decided to pursue a path to become a dentist.

Several years later, Dr. Nguyen graduated from McGill University in 2003. Four years later in 2007, she founded the Centre de Santé Dentaire Dr. Thu Nguyen.

Her main drive in her profession is the opportunity to touch people’s lives and bring them joy. That is also why she has picked a proficient team that is as passionate as she is.

When Dr. Nguyen is not improving her patients’ smiles, she spends time with her three boys and her husband, or is training.

Finally, Dr. Nguyen is a devoted dentist fueled by her passion to help others.


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