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Family dentistry in Chateauguay

Family dentistry in Chateauguay

About Family Dentistry

Family dental care includes prevention, education, and treatment. At our clinic, we create an environment where every member of your family considers their visit a special moment dedicated completely to their health and well-being.


Make an appointment now for a follow-up in family dentistry in Chateauguay and the surrounding area.Dr. Thu Nguyen, a member of the Ordre des dentistes du Québec, and her team are pleased to welcome you.

Exams and cleanings

Come and visit us every 6 months for an exam and cleaning.

Root canal

Many people think that a root canal is painful and stressful. It is not the case at all!


We can help you with your toothaches, fractured teeth and other urgent problems.

Filings and sealants

A visit to your dentist as soon as tooth decay appears will save you alot of trouble.

Gum disease

Gum disease and gum grafts.

Teeth extraction

Teeth extraction and wisdom teeth extraction.

Bridges and crowns

Want to learn more about crowns and bridges?