Treatment for anxious patients

At the Centre de Santé Dentaire Dr Thu Nguyen, we want you to feel comfortable throughout every treatment that you may need. We are focused on creating a peaceful environment as well as providing clear explanations for every treatment. However, if you suffer from dental phobia, we offer conscious sedation for anxious patients. There are two options: nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or medication, which both have similar effects.

Nitrous oxide

This type of gas is often called “laughing gas.” It is used to calm and relax the most anxious patients and is completely safe. The gas that is inhaled is completely eliminated by the body once the sedation is completed with the help of oxygen. It helps you calm down and feel good during the dental treatment whilst you remain completely conscious. Your visit to the dentist is therefore so much more pleasant!


The other alternative for anxious patients is a sedative tablet from the benzodiazepine family. The latter enables patients to relax before treatment. The tablet must be taken 1 hour before the appointment. It offers an adequate level of sedation, however, the dose cannot be adjusted during the dental treatment contrary to nitrous oxide. It is an excellent option for patients who present a contraindication to nitrous oxide.

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What about children?

Children can also be eligible for nitrous oxide. It is often the ideal solution for agitated little ones who refuse dental treatment. With their parents’ agreement, laughing gas can be administered to the child, who will have more positive memories of their visit to the dentist.

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