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Invisalign treatments

Invisalign treatments

Invisalign treatments

We offer orthodontic treatments with Invisalign technology, a service that is very popular among our patients. Invisalign is an aesthetic technique for aligning and straightening teeth without wearing fixed and metal braces and moreover, it is comfortable, transparent and removable!


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a system of a series of clear plastic trays that are custom-made for your teeth. Using advanced 3D scanning and digital imaging technology, Dr. Nguyen can simulate your Invisalign treatment from start to finish.

Is Invisalign for me?

Yes! Invisalign treatment can be an ideal solution for both adults and teenagers looking for an almost invisible technique to improve their smile. Thanks to our innovations and technological advances, we are able to correct almost all common dental malocclusions and misalignments, simple or complex – all without disrupting your busy life.

The advantages of Invisalign

There are many benefits to Invisalign treatments, that’s why it’s a system we love to work with.

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The trays are “invisible”, they are made from a transparent plastic which is almost invisible. No one will notice that you are carrying something in your mouth.


Because the aligners are removable, you will be able to maintain adequate oral hygiene because you can remove them to eat, brush your teeth and floss.


The aligners are made from a digital scan of your teeth, they perfectly fit the shape of your teeth. There will be no wire or metal rubbing the inside of your mouth.


Thanks to 3D technology, your treatment is programmed to give you precise and predictable results.