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About denturology

Denturology is a type of treatment that involves removable dental prostheses. Often referred to as dentures, prosthesis can be partial or complete. At our clinic, we produce and service your prosthetics for any repairs or modifications needed.

Types of prostheses

Our clinic offers a complete range of prosthetic services:

Partial prosthesis: removable dentures where you need them, which blend seamlessly with your natural smile.

Complete (or full) prosthesis: replaces all of the natural dentition.

Implant-supported prosthesis: prostheses fixed to implants in the mouth, which provide greater stability than typical prostheses.

Repair: We can repair your prostheses, thus avoiding the need to fabricate new ones. We can also add a tooth to an existing prosthesis.

It is important to note that in recent years, prostheses have become less bulky and much more inconspicuous, making them more convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

Steps taken during dental prosthesis

An imprint of your mouth is taken during the first appointment of your treatment. Following this, there may be different meetings to determine the details of your prosthesis. Once all the information is collected, we will proceed to the production of the prostheses, which are made to measure in laboratory for each client. Once the prosthesis is ready, we proceed to the installation and other necessary adjustments.