Dental esthetics

Dental esthetics and well-being are important factors to consider when it comes to dental health. Dr. Nguyen offers a truly comprehensive set of services adaptable to your needs and budget. Your smile will be happy!

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Dental veneers

Ideal for correcting certain esthetic imperfections, dental veneers are thin layers of ceramic or a composite material placed over the tooth. A simple intervention: veneers are quick, painless, and durable. They represent the ideal solution for minor tooth flaws such as cracks, discolouration, abnormal shape, or excessive spacing.

Tooth whitening

Everyone wants a spectacular smile with dazzling white teeth. Tooth discolouration is a natural phenomenon caused by coffee stains, tobacco and certain foods, but it can also occur with age. Our teeth inevitably change colour over time, but you can get the brilliant smile you’ve dreamed of with the help of tooth-whitening procedures by Dr. Nguyen.


Crowns are used when dental structures have been damaged. A crown covers the entire tooth, thus acting as both protection and replacement for the natural tooth. Crowns are created in a laboratory and personalized to match the rest of your teeth.

Tooth replacement

Whether the result of an extraction or an accident, a missing tooth must be replaced to ensure that the rest of your teeth remain intact. The gap left by a missing tooth allows other teeth to move, which can cause imbalance and preventable cavities. Various solutions are available; these include bridges, dental implants, and removable prostheses. Do not wait to replace your missing tooth!

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